Chautauqua County, NY

With attractions including the renowned Chautauqua Institution, several local breweries, the Great Blue Heron Music Festival, and the brand new National Comedy Center, not to mention a 22-square-mile water lover's paradise, Chautauqua County is the perfect vacation destination. Tucked into the southwest corner of New York State and bordered to the north by Lake Erie, the area is a convenient drive from Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and beyond. 


Chautauqua Institution

Chautauqua brings culture and entertainment to a wide community. Daily activities include speakers, teachers, entertainers, preachers, musicians, and specialists in weekly themed lectures during the summer. Chautauqua houses a dance company, orchestra, opera, and theater company who perform throughout the ten-week season. Activities for children include camps, lessons, and sports, and many organizations have facilities on the Institution grounds. 

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Fishing Chautauqua

Chautauqua Lake supports a diverse sport fishery, with species including large- and smallmouth bass, muskellunge (muskie), walleye, yellow and white perch, bluegill, pumpkin seed, crappie, and bullhead. The north basin of the lake is preferred by fishermen for it's greater depth and large kettle holes. Bass love the shallow dock areas, where native weeds provide cover. Chautauqua is also considered a world-class muskie fishery, with 40- to 50-inch-class fish caught frequently throughout the season. The shallower areas and out to the weed lines are good spots to locate panfish, such as perch, crappie, bluegill. These smaller species can be readily caught off the docks by novice and seasoned anglers alike. 

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state parks

Chautauqua County is home to many state parks and amusements, including Lake Erie, Midway and Long Point State Parks.

Midway and Long Point are both visible on the opposite shore of the lake from TripleSac Cottages. Long Point is a wooded peninsula jutting into the lake, with swimming, hiking, picnic areas, a marina for day use and boat rentals. Midway State Park includes one of the oldest continually-operating amusement parks in the nation, originally established in 1898. There is docking available, rental pavilions, and family fun throughout the park. 

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