Yoga Retreats are provided in association with Beth Teaches Bodywork, a division of Contatto Wellness Education Center. Our retreats are in Chautauqua County, NY; Pipestem, WV; and Costa Rica.


Rustic comfort, clean foods, and a spirit of gratitude await you.

There’s no need to sacrifice comfort to embark on a spiritual journey.

Warm beds, a bonfire, movie night, and the sound of the waves wrap you in a spirit of family, community and gratitude for the escape greet you upon arrival and stay with you through your time with us on Lake Chautauqua.

Ultimately, this is the time for masks to come off and to feel comfortable in your own skin, craving out an escape from your daily routine, and allowing you to get to know yourself again are hallmarks of our fun, fulfilling, centering retreats.



There’s something here for everyone:

Relaxing, restorative yoga classes and invigorating classes which blend several styles. You will be guided through a series of yoga which allow your to reconnect with yourself and your practice in a new way.

Practice daily with a resident teacher

Morning  classes are taught by resident instructors on a roomy deck; afternoon classes either in the spacious yard or on the dock over the water. Private classes are available on request. Check the schedule for availability. 



Accommodations range from  private cottages.

The campus  hosts retreats and events, including, 




Not to miss

Every other Monday, find a bolster on the floor of the yoga studio for movie night, featuring popcorn and an eclectic schedule of films with spiritual and environmental themes.

Take a sunset sea kayaking trip

guided walking tour of the grounds

Sunrise and sunset meditation sessions take place every day, along with daily garden tours and gardening classes.

cooking classes


for costa rica -later

Costa Rica is the only Latin American country with no need for a standing army, and it has a higher literacy rate and greater reliance on sustainable resources than its neighbors. It's also one of the most vividly gorgeous places on Earth. Think lush, green jungle teeming with wildlife; pink sunsets; white-sand beaches; and scarlet lava flowing from active volcanoes.

For a tropical escape, look to Gracious Living Lifestyle’s Philippine getaway. Founder and yoga instructor Grace Van Berkum is also a registered holistic nutritionist, meaning all meals will be on point. On the dream team leading this retreat, there’s also a life coach and a DJ-photographer who will capture the magic and lead moonlit dance parties. By day, you’ll cruise to unspoiled islands for two beach yoga classes daily and settle in for life-balance workshops. While many guests will stay in a hotel on the larger island, we suggest you opt for the pared-down huts right on the sands of Brother Island—an undeveloped paradise where the majority of the retreat will take place. You’ll save money and enhance your connection with the land, which we all know is a good thing. “No one has ever done a retreat on Brother Island,” Van Berkum says. “I love hosting in unique, off-the-beaten path locations surrounded by pristine nature.”



Beth and Nathan teach an anatomy heavy format in their yoga classes. Their background as an anatomy instructors in a massage school taught the significance of the study of the body in her yoga practice. Daily anatomy lessons featuring the ANATOMY IN CLAY® programs will be presented to retreat participants.

The practice of training the mind to be in the present – offers an indispensable tool for daily living in the modern world. We can all live free, concentrated and intelligent lives if we are willing to take a genuine and interest in the here and now. Practising mindfulness awakens us to the experience of natural, day-to-day joy.

Focusing on the breath, rather than the perpetual thought stream, takes some guidance and practice to master. A planned approach to well-being may more effectively manage stress, maintain greater focus, boost overall health, enhance cognitive performance and improve interpersonal relationships





yoga at the lake

August 18-16, 2018 – I made these dates up to see how this looked.

September 6-13, 2018 – S

May 1-10, 2019 – Tu


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